Monday, July 11, 2011

Music to My Ears

There is nothing like a “staycation” for catching up on housekeeping and reading and for listening to my favorite music. I found many opportunities for all three pursuits this past week, although I confess to having been easily distracted by HLN’s wall-to-wall coverage of the Casey Anthony trial.

Nevertheless, I stuck to my original plan and unearthed real, live clippings from magazines and newspapers; retrieved books from the bottom of stacks; and reviewed my collection of record albums—real, live LPs! I am an oldie, but I found some goodies.

I was very pleased to discover feline connections in three different, perhaps unlikely, sources.

When I was in high school listening to Carole King’s Tapestry, I never paid attention to the artwork on the album cover. How could I have missed the adorable tabby cat in the foreground, now staring directly at Cat Lady?

When I was rereading a magazine article I had saved about Bryan Ferry’s art-collecting strategies, how could I have overlooked the best pull-quote of them all? According to the Roxy Music man, “Having things you love is like having a lot of pets all in the same room.”

And while reading, for the first time, Nancy Mitford’s delightfully frothy novel Don’t Tell Alfred, how could I not identify with the following line delivered by one of Mitford’s most-amusing female characters? Northey loves to rescue cats, among other animals, and she asserts: “These little creatures are put in the world for us to look after them.” Music to my ears!

Query of the Day: Do you take "staycations" with your cats?

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