Friday, October 21, 2011

Lost Cat, Found Hunk

Last night, after tucking in the cats, I turned on the TV in search of something new and stimulating.

You won’t be surprised to learn that what hooked me in the first episode of “Case Histories,” on Masterpiece Mystery, was the opening scene in which a tough, but kindhearted, detective tries to find a lost cat. Of course, a lost cat is neither a new nor an abstract concept to me. Been there and done that, times ten, plus another seven rescues—all from our backyard.

And, not surprisingly, the Cat Lady on screen played to stereotype. Nothing new about a nutty Cat Lady, complete with bulging eyes and disheveled hair. Cats surrounded her, except for the one that had got away.

But as for the stimulating—the tall, dark, and handsome actor named Jason Isaacs—well, I think every Cat Lady needs one like him in her backyard.

Query of the Day: Would you hire a private detective to find a lost cat?

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