Friday, July 27, 2012

Whiskey Kitty

I’ve heard of a whiskey voice, and I’ve listened to several people who have whiskey voices. Perhaps that is why my ears perked up when I heard that my brother-in-law, Mark, adopted a kitty and named him “Whiskey Kitty.”

This was not an easy, cross-town adoption. Mark transported Whiskey Kitty on a flight from El Paso to Austin, deplaning in Dallas for a layover that must have felt better after a beer or two. Even the regulars at the airport bar took note of Mark’s business companion-in-a-carrier. It turns out that Whiskey Kitty was the ultimate business traveler, though there is no need for him to accrue mileage points. He has found himself a loving home.

Query of the Day: Isn’t Whiskey Kitty adorable?

1 comment:

  1. Whiskey Kitty certainly does have a loving home Diane.

    We are crazy about him even though he hides behind the furniture then pounces on our feet and scares us 5 times a day. Ha ha!

    I can see how you wrote a book about your cats. They are so funny.....and a little crazy too.

    As always, I enjoy your blog.

    Thanks for sharing about Whiskey Kitty. I never thought I would be so in-to-a-cat. I'm hooked.