Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Envelope

I stopped in my tracks when I was sorting through the mail an hour ago. Amid the monthly bills and solicitations (note to self: renew CAT FANCY subscription!) was a #10 white envelope from Walgreens, addressed to one Lucius Lovejoy.

It had slipped my mind to notify Walgreens that Lucius passed away last June, and that I would no longer need to purchase a prescription savings card in Lucius's name. Yes, Cat Ladies, Walgreens issues these discounted cards to people's pets, although I often had to explain/justify to the pharmacist on duty that Lucius was indeed a furry creature who sent me to the store to have his Fluoxetine and Lantus prescriptions refilled.

Seeing Lucius's name on the envelope reminded me yet again of how quickly time passes for our precious pets. I can't turn back time, but I will allow myself to reminiscence about the nearly 10-year-period when Lucius, via his Cat Lady, was a regular shopper at Walgreens.

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