Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Because I have been married to Cat Man for such a long time, I haven’t had to suffer in decades from the humiliation of being dumped by a fickle boyfriend. So you can imagine my surprise when I realized that Pye was deliberately dumping me for another—not another Cat Lady, but for one of her own kind.

Yes, Kippy has won Pye’s heart. I’m delighted about this amorous development, though displeased that Pye no longer needs me. I asked Dr. O. about what was up. She explained that Pye, who still has many feral qualities, can relate much better to a fellow cat than to a Cat Lady.

And yet I have been trying so hard, ever since when we formally adopted Pye last December, to combine human and feline qualities into one sentient being. What do you think of this French postcard, c. 1913, that features a sort of role model? 

How do you like me now, Pye?

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