Friday, April 23, 2010

Breaking News

My husband watches “Morning Joe” religiously, and he tells me that a staff writer and videographer for Politico was breaking news yesterday—news of a different kind. Patrick Gavin wasn’t covering a political scandal or uncovering a politician’s affair. He wasn’t gossiping about the media. Instead, he was “outing himself” as a Cat Lady. Apparently Mr. Gavin has nabbed the cover of a forthcoming issue of Cat Fancy.

The “Morning Joe” anchors dug deep, turning the tables on a journalist accustomed to dealing with the movers and shakers of the nation’s capital and to probing behind the scenes of the D.C. power structure. Mika and Joe asked Mr. Gavin to divulge the number of cats with whom he keeps company. My husband missed the “Big Reveal,” but I imagine that Mr. Gavin responded, “many,” or, at least, “a few.” Or is it possible to get the cover of Cat Fancy and live with one cat instead of multiples?

Query of the Day: Would you pose for Cat Fancy?

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