Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let’s Meow for Madonna

I have grown old with Madonna. We don’t know each other, although I like to think we have a slightly personal connection. My late aunt was a recording executive, and one of her first test projects in the studio was to audition a very young and inexperienced Madonna—in other words, she met the “not yet Madonna.” I have watched Madonna’s many transformations through the years, and I am wondering if the Material Girl has become a Cat Lady.

While flipping through the pages of the April issue of Vogue, I stopped in my tracks. There is Madonna, voluptuous cleavage and all, wearing a Dolce & Gabanna black bustier. And there is a black-and-white cat who appears to be more than a standard-issue prop for Madonna. True, the coloring of the cat coordinates perfectly with Madonna’s garb, her sunglasses, and her diamond-encrusted cross suspended from a necklace. But Madonna’s caress of the cat reveals a certain softer, maybe even more vulnerable, side to the performing artist than meets the eye.

I would be interested to know whether a stylist selected the cat, or whether the cat belongs to the photographer of the advertisement, or whether Madonna herself pleaded for this particular kitty to help her make a fashion statement. Could Madonna have reached a point in her life where she prefers the companionship of felines?

Madonna is nobody’s fool, and perhaps one day she’ll make a recording with this refrain: Cats Rule…and Sell!

Query of the Day: What are your favorite advertisements featuring cats?

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