Friday, May 28, 2010

Organizational Skills

I heard this morning that 32 million people will hit the road during the Memorial Day weekend. I will not be among them. Because of the number of cats living at Catland, it is difficult to find someone–other than my husband—who will take care of all ten of them. As a result, a “couples vacation” is a figment of my imagination.

But I began fantasizing (well, maybe that’s too evocative a word) this morning about how I could best organize all of the cat food so that a catsitter could feed the felines with ease. I take the routine at home for granted. A scoop from a jar at the far left of the kitchen counter; two scoops from the jars in the center; and two scoops from the two jars at the right of the counter. The same pattern is in place in the garage apartment. All of the Fancy Feast cans are stacked neatly and segregated according to the cats’ morning and evening fine-dining regimes. I never consult a to-do list, I just dole out the goods.

I suppose I could tap my editorial skills and rearrange the jars of dry cat food according to alpha listings, from left to right: Dietetic Maintenance, Purina Organic, and Science Diet Light and Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. Or I could rearrange the jars according to color-coordinated themes: small food particles (terracotta brown) grouped at left, medium-size food particles (reddish brown) in the center, and large food particles (ochre-yellow) at right. Or I could leave things as they are, already organized to my liking, and continue to recite my routine in my sleep.

Query of the Day: Will you travel with your cats this weekend?

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