Friday, August 27, 2010

The Cat Days of Summer

Now that summer is dwindling toward its end, I keep hearing people refer not-so-nostalgically to “the dog days of summer.” Naturally, there would be something wrong with me if I didn’t protest. What about “the cat days of summer”? Aren’t cats entitled to their days in the sultry sun?

I have read many official descriptions of “dog days,” and it makes perfect sense that Sirius, the “dog star,” rises and sets with the sun from early July through mid-August. But knowing as all Cat Ladies do that cats rule Planet Earth, should we circulate a petition to honor a “cat star” in the summer, too? Or are cats better suited to dominate the months of October and November?

No matter the official season, it’s easy to fall for felines and advocate for their deserved supremacy!

Sirius, move over. Lucius is orbiting and about to pounce. National Cat Day is only two months and two days away....

Query of the Day: Will you sign my petition?

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