Friday, September 3, 2010

The “It” Bag

I don’t own anything from the Hello Kitty line of luggage, but I would rob a bank to bring this Prada leopard-print handbag home. Anna Wintour, meet Cat Lady.

I know that Lucius, Lydia, Leo, Linus, Lillie, L.B., T.J., Perkins, Miss Tommie, and Alvar would approve of this spot-on oversized bag, which would be perfect for carrying their bags of yummy treats and cans of delectable Fancy Feast.

The leopard look is back in a huge way, although I’m not sure the look was ever out of style. The time is now for replacing my PetSmart tote bags with the new "It" bag. I truly can’t wait to make this season’s hottest fashion statement at Catland. There is only one obstacle in my way. The asking price is a cool $3,100.

Query of the Day: Will you donate to my Prada handbag fund?

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