Friday, October 8, 2010

Tales of Mr. T.

My friend and colleague Heather relocated recently to Ohio, and little did she know that a stray tuxedo kitten was waiting to greet her and her family. Heather moved into her new house with two cats–a senior diva named Marfa and a naughty young boy named Ocho—and she was not looking to adopt a cat. Getting the new house in order meant setting up a home office, installing new insulation in the attic, enrolling her daughter in school, meeting her husband’s new colleagues, and so forth. Finding a stray cat was not a line item on Heather’s customary to-do lists. But there was the kitten who would soon become Mr. T., and what else could Heather do but to say, “Come inside.”

And that is the way it always works, doesn’t it? Just when we think we have established the perfect feline family, along comes another to test the equation. There is no ready-made formula, or the just-right number, for every cat lover, and leave it to the five-pound Mr. T. to break through the proverbial glass ceiling (well, a window of a house) and announce that he had hit the jackpot when he joined Heather’s family. As fate would have it, Mr. T. and Ocho are best buddies, and Marfa now has the opportunity to watch daily wrestling matches between the two boys. Apparently, Mr. T. is such an accomplished wrestler that Heather’s daughter considered renaming him Sumo.

But Mr. T. he shall be, and I can’t wait to meet the little fellow who forced another Cat Lady to make up her mind quickly. This is my promise: One person rescuing one cat makes a difference.

Query of the Day: Would you watch Mr. T. and Ocho wrestle on pay-per-view TV?

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