Friday, October 1, 2010

Watchdog and Watch Cat

Well, I did it. Last night I was unfaithful to Lucius. I am in Atlanta, where my brother's dog, Luna, decided that she needed to sleep with me. Luna is a shelter dog who craves affection almost more than Lucius does each day. It took me just a little while to get used to hanging out with a young dog, and a big, frisky one at that. Luna is a Golden Retriever-Irish Setter mix.

I kept lapsing into Lucius-speak, saying "good boy" or "good little man," just as I praise Lucius repeatedly. Luna likes "good girl," accompanied by many pats on the head, and she is a very good girl. I have a strong feeling she will be my watchdog again tonight.

Meanwhile, I am curious to know more about an unofficial "watch cat" I read about. According to the New York Times, a "stray black-and-white cat stands watch" in a crane yard in Port Morris, New York, protecting parts of a massive steel sculpture by Richard Serra that has yet to be formally assembled and installed. This is the only bit of information revealed about the feline sentinel.

Could the cat have been a museum security guard in an earlier incarnation? Or a curator with a taste for industrial art?

A sign in the crane yard says "No Trespassing. No Dumping." What's missing is the sign that says "Cat Welcome."

Query of the Day: Does your cat like heavy metal?

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