Friday, November 19, 2010

The Sexiest Man (ly) Cat Alive

It was hard to miss the hoopla this week surrounding the announcement of People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Leading up to the big reveal, I heard People’s editors talking excitedly on the morning news shows about the qualities they admire most in the leading men whose buff bodies grace the pages of the magazine's most sexy issue. Topping the editors’ charts for hunk appeal are good looks, humor, and humility. And that description of the ideal sexy man fits L.B. to a T.

So today I am announcing that L.B. is the sexiest man (ly) cat alive! As I have written before on this blog, L.B. is the manliest of our six feline guys at home. He is handsome and amusing, though I’m not sure that humility is always the correct word to use in terms of his baiting Lucius. But L.B. is humble about his origins as a cat who was first discovered outside of a discount store before being given to one of our neighbors, a college student who ultimately abandoned him for this Cat Lady to rescue.

I couldn’t resist L.B. when I saw him for the first time seven years ago. Just look into his bedroom eyes. Who could say no?

Query of the Day: Do you live with a sexy cat?

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