Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cat Lady: The Performance

One of my friends alerted me that “the invitation was in the mail.” She said I would be surprised, perhaps even startled. The invitation was not for a wedding or a brunch, or a baby shower or a college graduation. The invitation was for the opening of a new multi-media theater piece at DiverseWorks, a premier art and performance space in Houston.

Would I be interested in attending Cat Lady, featuring Kristina Wong, and opening tomorrow night? I have to admit that the images reproduced on the invitation did not strike my [cat] fancy, but I also know that I need to broaden my horizons. My worldview of felines must continue to embrace all colors, shapes, sizes, and, I now realize, renditions.

Here’s the catch: The invitation copy is a turnoff to this Cat Lady who “performs” regularly for ten cats. “Cat Lady is Ed Hardy meets Lord of the Flies meets cat pee.” The performance “blends the parallel worlds of two pathetically lonely persons living at the margins of gender and society—musty cat ladies (who make solo performance for a living) and fast-talking male pick-up artists.” Hey, who are you calling “pathetically lonely” and “musty”? The invite also references “anecdotes from unmarried women who live alone with cats.” What is wrong with being unmarried and finding companionship with a feline?

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve got my own reality show right at home. I may even consider streaming video because seeing is believing.

Query of the Day: Do you perform with your cats?

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