Friday, March 25, 2011

What's in a Name?

Oprah is always in the news. My feeble connection to the omnipotent O is that when I was working summers in between high school in Chicago, I interned for an attorney who went on to become Oprah’s personal attorney. I can understand easily why Oprah chose her best friend, Gayle King, to serve as editor-at-large of a magazine that bears Oprah’s imprint. Who knows better than her closest confidante how to reflect the essence of Oprah on paper?

While reading last Sunday’s New York Times profile of Ms. King, I came across a comment that intrigued me: “Other editors rely on her to know what Oprah would want without even having to ask….She is, in other words, a licensed Oprah-ologist.”

Maybe my self-appointed name of “Cat Lady” is too simplistic. Should I go by a more precise moniker, such as “Lucius-ologist”? Actually, I like to think that all of our ten cats, and not just Lucius, rely on me to know intuitively what they need, without ever having to meow. But “Cat Lady-ologist” sounds too clinical for my taste.

Query of the Day: Any ideas for re-titling?

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