Friday, April 1, 2011

Odor in the House

The title of this blog does not include a typographical error. I do not mean “Order in the House.” I do mean odor, and for a delightful reason.

A feature article in the April issue of W profiles Jean-Claude Ellena, who creates perfumes for the house of Hermès. He lives in Paris, where he was recently inspired to create a new fragrance that captures the scents of the urban garden found on the rooftop of the firm’s flagship boutique.

In the article, the interviewer asks Monsieur Ellena if he likes to burn scented candles at home. He responds, “I prefer smelling odors from the kitchen, the fireplace, your dogs, your cats, your kids. The odor of your life is who you are.”

Hmmm. I like wearing fragrances by Chanel and Jo Malone, but am I more truly defined by Eau de Tidy Cats? “The odor of my life” is a rather dusty, musky smell, and there is no denying Mr. Ellena’s observation that our bodily scents reveal who we are.

Know me, know my cats.

Query of the Day: Kitty cologne, anyone?

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