Friday, May 27, 2011

A Cuddle Costs $0.80 a Minute

That’s right, Cat Ladies, and you can do the math.

If you are traveling during this Memorial Day weekend and want to board your cat at one of the centers run by Best Friends Pet Care Inc., and you want your cat to be cuddled while you are on the road, you will be charged $8 for 10 minutes.

I have never thought about putting a price tag on cuddling any one of our ten cats, but I would need to dip into savings if Cat Man and I ever decide to take a vacation together without the Catland crew. To be honest, we gave up a long time ago on vacationing as a married couple who leave their pets at home. And it’s been impossible to find someone, even another enthusiast who dreams about felines, who wants to take care of ten cats for a few days and nights. I’ve tried upping the ante, offering more than the going per-diem rate of $20 per feline. Sorry, no takers.

Still, I can’t imagine paying an upscale “professional cuddler” to caress Lucius, Lydia, Lillie, and Leo, and to stroke Linus, L.B., Perkins, Miss Tommie, T.J., and Alvar. But maybe I’m in the wrong business, after all.

Query of the Day: Is the cost of cuddling your cats priceless?

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  1. Since my kitty will only allow me to cuddle her, I must admit it is a mute point for me. However,I must say that I find it surprising that you cannot find (even in the non-feline obsessed world) a person who would take care of your furry family at that rate. I would gladly considerate it :)