Friday, May 27, 2011

Put Your Paws Up!

Forgive my ongoing obsession with Lady Gaga, but who could escape seeing her this past weekend? Gaga was everywhere! And I can’t help focusing on the parallels between her life and mine. OK, that’s admittedly a gross overstatement, but here is some fascinating evidence:

1) We share a rallying anthem: “Put Your Paws Up”!

2) We are deeply dedicated to our “little monsters”: Gaga to her billions of fans, I to Lucius and his multiple personalities.

3) We believe in equality for all species.

4) We are petite women who can wear catsuits (Gaga’s is made of spandex and skintight, mine was a Halloween costume I once wore when I was in my twenties).

5) We do not abandon our dreams.

I suspect Lady Gaga would like this photograph from my slice of life in the museum world. The work is titled Climbing Cat, by Ron Evans. Paws up, indeed!

Query of the Day: Would you consider calling me "Cat Lady Gaga"?

1 comment:

  1. Definitely! I would love to see Cat Lady out and about, if only for Halloween. You will appreciate that I was a black cat for many Halloweens. Once my grandmother made me my pointy ears and stuff tail, I could never find a more suitable, nor enjoyable, means of dressing on "All Hallows Eve."