Friday, August 19, 2011

The Ultimate Morph

I am very intrigued by German artist Martin Eder’s rendition of a Cat Lady, even though the subject of his portrait does not go by this distinguished name. Do I think Eder’s painting of art collector Dianne Wallace is the ultimate morph—a perfect merging—of a cat and a lady?

My thanks go to Cat Man for pointing out a reproduction of the painting, which accompanied a recent feature article in The Wall Street Journal that focused on prominent modern collectors commissioning self-portraits.

If I could have the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Eder to pursue such a commission, I wonder how he would depict me. After all, he would not need to incorporate an image of my face into an image of the head of a domestic cat, as he has done in the painting of Ms. Wallace. I am already Cat Lady (and hear me meow).

The article describes the New York City–based Ms. Wallace appearing in the painting as “a human locked inside a house cat.” I guess we Cat Ladies do things differently in Houston. Cohabitating with cats liberated me from what was once my prescribed trajectory in life. Being a Cat Lady—now that’s a lock.

Query of the Day: Are you locked in or liberated by your cats?

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