Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

How does Cat Lady spend Black Friday?

Am I like "Target Lady," the hyper-Type-A female character starring in the Target TV commercials who seizes the day-Black Friday-in a major way?

You won't catch me standing in a long line today at PetSmart, waiting with other Cat Ladies for the "Buy 25 Pallets of Fancy Feast, Get 1 Free" doorbuster sale. I'm safely at Catland, with our ten cats, where there is not a gate-crasher in sight. We're decorating for the Christmas holidays, and Cat Man is in heaven because his Longhorns beat the Aggies last night in the football rivalry finale of them all.

Don't get too crazy out there, Cat Ladies, if you are among the millions roaming the malls 'til midnight. For me, there is no place like home on Black Friday. Lucius, Lydia, Leo, Lillie, Linus, L.B., Alvar, Perkins, T.J., and Miss Tommie unanimously agree.

Query of the Day: Do you raid PetSmart on Black Friday?

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