Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coosome Twosome

Aren’t these two kitties the cutest?

Ocho (in grey) and Mr. T. (in tuxedo garb) belong to my great friend and colleague Heather, who briefly returned to her hometown of Houston this week and escaped the snowy environs of Ohio.

While Heather was away, Mr. T. did play—to the tune of sliding down a laundry chute. Mr. T. wound up in the basement of Heather’s house, where he had ample opportunities to explore new territory. But as soon as Mr. T. came up for air, he found his best buddy Ocho. I think Mr. T. said, “It’s cold down there. Commence Snuggling.”

I love furry tales with happy endings.

Query of the Day: Does your cat like to perch on top of your laundry basket or slide down a laundry chute?

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