Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Can’t Buy Me Love

But…Santa bought/brought me a new coffee mug from Anne Taintor’s latest line of whimsical, retro-inspired products.

“If I had wanted to be ignored, I would have bought a cat,” is the quizzical statement that confronts me every time I raise my brand-new mug to take a swig of some Starbucks Christmas brew. I have yet to meet a cat who ignores me!

I did not receive the other mug featured here, although I should have.

I am dreaming of next Christmas, by which time Ms. Taintor will have consented to my request to manufacture the “I Am Cat Lady” coffee mug. I would buy it in multiples for all of my Cat Lady friends!

Query of the Day: Will you sign my petition to Anne Taintor?

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