Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Love My Cat

It's Christmas at Catland and, per usual, all of the creatures are stirring. Linus, in particular, is having a great time playing with his new red-and-green mouse.

Cat Man and I don't fill the cats' stockings. We throw the feline-only presents on the carpets, and the cats greedily fetch them. Thank you PetSmart, once again, for offering everything that cats could possibly desire.

Back to the matter of the cats' stockings: The six monogrammed socks hang by the tallest bookcase with care. Where else would an art-book editor hang holiday stockings? In the garage apartment, the four stockings are hung by a bookcase, too. Martha Stewart might not approve of our decorating decor, but our cats do, and that's all that matters.

It used to be, in the "olden days" (circa 2000), that we planned for a Christmas morning with only one cat. Yes, you guessed correctly: Lucius was the cat for whom we preordered holiday gifts. Then along came the others, and the first stocking I purchased, which proclaims "I Love My Cat," was no longer operative.

But even though we now have ten stockings to show for our family of cats, the same, simple sentiment rings true.

I love my cat, times ten.

Query of the Day: Did you catch Santa Claus kissing Cat Lady?

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