Friday, April 20, 2012

I Did It Again!

I have omitted the “Oops!” from the title of this post because I do not feel apologetic, and I would never want anyone to confuse me with Britney Spears (as if I am in danger of mistaken identity…).
I did it again can mean only one thing: I found a home for a cat in need. When my friend and colleague Marty casually mentioned that her sister Terry was missing having a cat in the house, I told Marty that I knew of a cat who wanted a home. In fact, Mordecai, a black cat living at Dr. O.’s clinic, had longed for a home his entire life. He had lived on the streets for four years and was rescued by Dr. O. two years ago. This handsome six-year-old cat was ready for some serious cohabitation with Marty and Terry. The Cat Lady prod (as opposed to the cattle prod) worked quickly and gently. Marty reports that Mordecai loves his new surroundings, and that she and Terry are in love with their new furry friend. He is not a lap cat—yet—but all signs indicate he will be heading in that direction any moment now. Never forget the Cat Lady’s tried-and-true formula: One person saving one cat makes a difference. Query of the Day: Do you like black cats as much as I do?

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