Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Oh, If only I had the moxie and the money of Mark Zuckerberg. What would I do immediately, you might ask? I would sell my fantasy company Instacat to Facebook’s founder. And, like the creators behind the photo-sharing start-up Instagram, I would ask $1 billion for it. Instacat is every cat lover’s dream. I could upload a photo of myself with a brief, 15-word description, e.g., “Petite, late-middle-age brunette Cat Lady seeks a brown tabby to love and adore.” On the other side of the equation, a Cat Lady would respond with the instamessage: “Got one!” I haven’t figured out all the details yet, so please share your ideas with me. We Cat Ladies know that we are into enabling one another—via old-fashioned correspondence or apps, smartphones or websites, you name it—all on behalf of our beloved felines. Query of the Day: Will you participate in my Instacat IPO?

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