Monday, December 31, 2012

Will the Real Cat Lady Please Stand Up?

What does a Cat Lady look like? What does a Cat Lady wear?

These are among the questions that I am asked frequently, especially now that I have written a memoir about being a Cat Lady.

In Cat Lady Chronicles, I did not portray a composite figure or attempt to describe myself as the personification of the fascinating photograph pictured here. All I was equipped to do was to tell my own story, and I am gratified that my “Catland” has become yours.

We have universal tales to share, but that is not to say there should be a definitive, “I-can-spot-one” personality profile of a Cat Lady. I would be hard-pressed to pick the “real Cat Lady” in a crowded room. The one seated—not the one already standing—could be ready to pounce and to make maximum impact upon landing.

My new year’s resolution is to continue my always interesting conversations with Cat Ladies and to revel in the glory of all things feline. If you are just getting started as a Cat Lady, 2013 promises to be full of rewarding opportunities.

Query of the Day: Party hat or velvet cat ears for tonight’s celebration?

Pictured above: Wanda Wultz, Io + Gatto, 1932, Alinari Archive, Florence, Italy

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