Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ring 3 Needs the Tonkinese

That phrase keeps ringing in my ears after having worked this past Saturday and Sunday at the 60th Houston Charity Cat Show. I use the term “worked” loosely because, obviously, a Cat Lady enjoys being near A LOT of cats—both household domestic and breeders’ exotic pets—and surrounded by empathetic Cat Ladies.

My colleagues at The MFAH Shop rented a booth to showcase the many artful books that the store carries for feline fanciers. Yes, very selfishly, I attended the show to hawk my Cat Lady Chronicles.

Some women who approached the museum shop's booth may have thought I was rude initially, because one of the first questions I was asked was, “Are you the Cat Lady”? I responded, “No, but I am one of thousands of Cat Ladies here today.” All joking aside, I was very pleased to meet others who wear their hearts on their sleeves, literally. I have never seen so many leopard-print-clad ladies in one room, and Exhibit Hall A at the George R. Brown Convention Center is huge. You get the picture.

The show’s announcer, whose booming twang might do well at an even bigger gig (the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo), made both of my days whenever he let all show attendees know that cats were leaving the building for their forever homes. Many of Houston’s prominent animal-rescue and shelter groups had set up on-site adoptions. I remember distinctly that there was tremendous applause for Mabel and Desirée when they bid goodbye to the devoted volunteers who had cared for them.

I wanted to bring home a female orange kitten for our three geriatric orange boys, but the voice of reason prevailed.

Query of the Day: Do you like to attend cat shows?

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  1. I just found your blog through Pinterest. I was wondering if you'd seen this: http://www.indiegogo.com/LadyDsCatEmporium?c=home They have them in Japan but this would eb the first in the UK. A great place for those of us who can't have cats at home!