Sunday, May 12, 2013

Show Me...the Butt

Please excuse the crude title of today's post, but, "show me the butt," is what I found myself saying to Miss Tommie today, on Mother's Day.

At my house, which extends to the garage apartment, we celebrate "Mama Kitty's Day," in our own way. Miss Tommie, who lives in the apartment with her feline mother, Lillie, chose the occasion to demonstrate her love for her Cat Lady plainly, and simply.

I could not have been more pleased when Miss Tommie raised her tiny rear end and glanced at me approvingly. I know, it's a far cry from being the center of attention at a fancy Mother's Day brunch. Still, I was touched, and Miss Tommie's form of love cannot be bought.

"Show Me the Butt" may just be the perfect jingle for all Cat Ladies having Mommy Time with their fur kids, right now!

Query of the Day: Can you feel the love?

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