Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Age-bypass Identification

In Cat Lady Chronicles, I wrote about my humorous experience of waiting at a Walgreens drive-thru to retrieve a refill of an insulin prescription in Lucius’s name. History has repeated itself, though with a slightly different twist.

Lucius—amazing cat that he is–went into remission for diabetes about a year ago. L.B. was diagnosed with diabetes shortly thereafter. The insulin prescription has remained in Lucius’s name, which is what prompted the following conversation.

The drive-thru lane was several cars deep, so I went inside Walgreens to pick up the refill for L.B. The pharmacist asked me to confirm the date of birth on the savings card for the prescription, because she was confused. The date in the database indicated 1998, but I looked considerably older than 15.

Gee, thanks.

I tried to explain calmly that the date of birth referred to Lucius, not to me. Then came the question about how could I know exactly a cat’s birthday? Call it Cat Lady’s intuition, I said, and paid for the refill promptly.

When I arrived home, I advised L. B. that he must go into remission, for more reasons than one. Cat Ladies like to be needed (and kneaded), not insulted.

Query of the Day: Do you know your cats’ dates of birth?

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  1. We have listed April 15, 2009 as our two sister cat's birthday, as it's an easy date to remember and it's approximately true, as we rescued them from the bushes at about two weeks old. Arbitrary, true, but effective for all types of documentation.