Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fleeing from the Fleas

The past two weeks have been crazy-busy, which is why you have not heard from me. I had to fly the Catland coop, and while traveling I knew that our resident cats in the garage apartment--Lillie, T.J., Perkins, and Miss Tommie--would be in the capable hands of Cat Man. His duties also included manning the fort in the house proper.

When I returned to Houston, I was very upset to learn that we had a  flea problem in the apartment. Cat Man had purchased every pet-friendly pesticide in sight, but nothing was working. Our always sweet 14-year-old cats were grumpy.

I frantically called Dr. O., always my hero, who helped me evacuate our four cats from the apartment. Other than Lillie, who has visited the Cat Doctor clinic for subcutaneous fluids, our cats had not left their home for eleven years (Dr. O. makes regular house calls). Cat Man calmly took the wheel of our getaway car, which quickly filled with the sound of nervous cats crying.

After the exterminating service further saved the day, I reconstructed the interior of the apartment so that Lillie, T.J., Perkins, and the very particular Miss Tommie would find their food and water bowls, litter boxes, and bedding in the same familiar places. Back to Dr. O.'s to retrieve our beloved cats and reinstate them in the apartment.

The look on Lillie's face was priceless. Once a Mama Kitty, always a Mama Kitty. When I opened the door to her pet carrier, Lillie immediately strutted around her flea-free home and nodded approvingly. Her children also emerged from their carriers and conveyed their appreciation to me.

The moral of this long-winded story: Cat Lady flees from fleas! 

P.S. If you live in Houston, one of the flea capitals of the world, I highly recommend Integrated Pest Management to get the job done.

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