Saturday, June 28, 2014

That Lucius

I had a delightful lunch with a woman who is fully conversant in the ABCs: art, books, and cats.

I was flattered that she had read my CAT LADY CHRONICLES and wanted to get acquainted over French food at a neighborhood bistro. I don't know why I was caught by surprise when, the moment I entered the restaurant, she exclaimed, "How is that Lucius? What a character!"

Yes, Lucius was something else. Although I felt sad informing her that Lucius had passed away one year ago this month, I confessed that I believe he lives on in my book and always will. 

Lucius was a true character, yet he was so much more than a fictional character who appears in ten chapters of a book. Lucius was an all-consuming force of nature that took over our house for fourteen years, and sometimes Cat Man and I have the odd sensation that Lucius is still among us. I can't imagine ever finding another orange tabby like that Lucius.

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