Friday, March 19, 2010

“Put Your Blinders On”

As a Cat Lady, I hear those fighting words often from people who have not yet discovered the irresistible qualities of felines. When I drive to work, I see stray cats. When I leave the office and head to the parking lot, I see stray cats. I live and breathe the world of cats, and I long to help those in need.

That is why it is impossible for me to “put my blinders on.” I rebuff this phrase and get even more agitated when it becomes “You better put your blinders on.” Don’t dare me!

The sad truth is that kitten season is upon us, and now, more than ever, Cat Ladies will need to be in the trenches, rescuing strays who have lost their ways or who have been rejected by their mothers. If we avert our eyes, or pretend not to see, we are falling down on the job.

Cats are counting on us, ladies, so let’s put our glasses on and stare down the reality of feline overpopulation. Bright lights and dark alleys are not deterrents to those of us who refuse to wear blinders.

Query of the Day: Have you rescued any kittens today?

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