Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Sleep

The face of Angelina Jolie is appearing everywhere again—particularly on the covers of major consumer magazines—and the cover story of the August issue of Vanity Fair offers new insights into the actress’s life between the sheets, so to speak.

Angelina divulges that she loves “family sleep,” a time when “everybody crawls into our [that would be with Brad] bed. We had sheets specially made. …I don’t know if it’s twice as big [as a king], but it’s notably bigger. …When we had two kids, the nine-foot bed was extraordinary. With three, it was verging. Now, at six, it’s tight.”

Tell me about it, Angelina. I have hoped that I, a mere Cat Lady, would have something in common with this beautiful woman. And now I learn that our common bond relates to the number six, as in kids. Hers are famous and in the news often, and mine are furry and live far from the paparazzi’s gaze.

Sleeping with six is an uncomfortable squeeze, and my husband doesn’t even attempt to jockey for space when the kids take their places before he’s ready for lights out. Ultimately, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for Angelina’s plight because, after all, she is spared the within-earshot sounds of licking, hissing, and scratching that I hear at all hours of the night. Or maybe she would enjoy the change of scenery at Catland, where the sound of silence is a distant memory.

Query of the Day: Should I contact Angelina’s agent and invite her for a sleepover?

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  1. Only a true Cat Lady knows what love really feels like -- a stiff neck and a sore back from sleeping in the same awkward position for eight hours straight so as not to disturb the kitties who have surrounded her!