Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cougar Town

Lydia is not a dirty old lady. But I wonder what is going on. She seems to have a new thing for Alvar, which makes Lydia not only a mixed-breed cat—part Egyptian Mau, part Siamese, part grey tabby—but a downright cougar.

I caught Lydia staring dreamily into Alvar’s eyes the other day. You can be sure that Lucius was nowhere in sight. I don’t know whether Lydia senses that Lucius is having more difficulties with the aging process, and if she is placing her bet on the younger Alvar to finally triumph over his senior-citizen rival. Did I write yet that Lucius is now on arthritis medicine, in addition to his daily dose of “kitty Prozac” for his presumed insanity and insulin for his diabetes?

But getting back to Lydia. Oh, she is a sly one. She shows Alvar her fashion-friendly spotted stomach. She chases him around the house, testing his agility. She lets him eat treats off of her plate as a reward for his prowess on the feline field.

Meanwhile, Lucius sleeps…and schemes.

Query of the Day: Do you have a cougar in your house?

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