Friday, January 21, 2011

C’mon, Get Happy!

Emily—yes, THE Emily who rescued Bleu/Blue from a life behind bars—has asked how to tell if a cat is happy. That is a great question for a Cat Lady to ponder, and I will attempt to assure Emily, who became a Cat Lady overnight, that she has provided Blue with all of the vital ingredients for leading a long and happy life.

Emily’s dog wags his tale affectionately and also licks faces and slobbers (the last word is a direct quote from Emily, by the way) to demonstrate his undying devotion. Like most cats, Blue is much subtler in expressing his satisfaction.

He has already chosen his favorite places in Emily’s house for lounging during the day and sleeping at night. He has never met a particle of food that he doesn’t like, and the food bowls are filled for his delectation. I could give other concrete examples, but the short of it is that Blue lacks for nothing, thanks to Emily and her husband’s largesse. I feel confident that all Emily need do to answer her own question is to put her ear next to Blue’s.

I can hear him purring and whispering now, “I’m LOVIN’ this!”

Query of the Day: What makes your cat happiest?

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