Friday, January 14, 2011

Desktop Kitties

A friend has alerted me to a new product that is tailor-made for Cat Ladies who office at home, either permanently or from time to time. The company Opulent Items has introduced a desktop cat bed, pictured here. The product’s tagline reads, “Your cat rests while you work,” which makes perfect sense given the way the feline world works.

Much as I am intrigued by this product, I need to consult my checkbook. At $40 a pop, I’m looking at an investment of $240 to buy six cat beds. I wouldn’t want any one of our cats at home to become jealous, and I have a very strong suspicion that Lucius would hop from cat bed to cat bed, making sure that he observes me from every possible angle.

Maybe there is another manufacturer on the market that can meet my specific needs. What I have in mind is a single tower that holds six beds at varying heights. The effect would be similar to that of this exquisite work from the museum’s collection of Indian art. Yes, that’s it, a kitty version of Shiva Nataraja! And just like the figure that is the Hindu temple sculpture, I would perform a blissful dance, grateful for pleasing my charges.

Query of the Day: Would you read product reviews by this Cat Lady?

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