Friday, January 28, 2011

Cats by the Dozen

January has come and almost gone, and I am kicking myself for not being sufficiently entrepreneurial during the past year. I had the right tools to work with, so to speak, but I missed the mark. I should have published my very own Cat Calendar, just like the one issued by United Bamboo.

I am only two cat shorts of a perfect dozen, and I like to think that any one of the felines of Catland could go paw to paw with the handsome model pictured here on United Bamboo's 2011 calendar. This year's calendar features female felines dripping in beads and sequins, with the males sporting regatta jackets and other suitable attire.

I have thought often of outfitting Lucius in a “mad about plaid” blazer and dressing L.B. in a Saints football jersey. Lydia is a natural for a leopard-print Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, and Lillie would look especially fetching in a caramel suede jacket with a fox fur collar and removable hood. I could go on and on about my fashionable expectations for our ten cats.

But I’m no Tiger Mother, making controversial statements about what children must do to earn parental approval. I am Cat Lady, and my furry kids have free reign at home. They are who they are, and it's not my place to judge harshly whether they choose to drape themselves in fleece or flannel blankets; there is no right or wrong fabric. I insist only on their good grooming at all times.

Query of the Day: Will you please send me photos of your Mr. February?

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