Friday, February 18, 2011

“Start Spreading the Mews”

I take no issue with the time-honored tradition of Brits loving their dogs. But you can imagine how thrilled I was to read, courtesy of a “breaking ‘mews’” alert from my friend and colleague Clifford, that a cat has taken up residence in 10 Downing Street.

Larry the cat was previously a stray before Prime Minister David Cameron decided to adopt him. The Prime Minister needed a mouser, whereas I suspect Larry will grow tired of that occupation and insist on being seated in official sessions of Parliament. Who knows whether Larry was picked for his coloring, or for his Conservative policies? I am willing to bet that Larry will change parties, if necessary, to keep the peace at his new home.

I understand that Prime Minister Cameron and his two sons are cat people. Does this mean that Larry might accompany the Cameron family to Westminster Abbey this coming April and have a front-row seat at the wedding of the century?

God Save the Queen may soon compete with a new refrain, “Long Live Larry.”

Query of the Day: Why did you adopt your first cat?

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