Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Cat's Pajamas

We had a snow day in Houston this past Friday, and while I was contemplating that oxymoron from my perch at Catland, I thought about what might make our cats even more comfortable during the so-called artic blast.

I had just finished a load of laundry, and out came the flannel jammies from the dryer. I noticed Lucius eyeing the newest pair that I had given my husband for one of his Christmas presents. As I continued to sort the laundry, placing the flannel in its own special pile, I had an idea. Why not put the term "cat's pajamas" to work?

I artfully arranged four pairs of pajamas at the end of a bed so that the cats could recline leisurely. You would have thought that I had dispensed a week's supply of feline treats all at once; I can't remember seeing our cats look so insanely happy.

Happiness quickly led to pajama envy, and Lucius indicated that he wanted to sleep on the pajama bottom that Alvar had claimed as his own. I fear it's too late in the shopping season to find another matching pair of winter wear for Lucius, but the thaw is on and I have no excuse not to leave the house, finally!

Query of the Day: Do your cats like to sleep on your pajama tops or bottoms?

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