Friday, February 17, 2012

The Aloha Kitty

I love reading stories about cats who find their ways back home. I first came across this story when it was flagged as “breaking news,” about a week ago. I keep returning to this story because it is slightly different from the standard “Lost Cat Was Found” fare.

The owners had left their home with their cat named Madison Grace in tow. Along the rest stops between Hawaii and Tennessee—how’s that for a broad swath of land—kitty got loose in Michigan when she bolted from her carrier and ran from the car. Her devoted parents waited six hours, hoping their cat would return to the same spot from where she escaped. Leave it to a kind-hearted gentleman who volunteers for an animal-rescue shelter in Centerville, Ohio, to reunite Madison Grace with her rightful, transplanted owners. A microchip saved the day.

The reason I love this kind of story is that it encourages me to think about picking myself up and starting all over again. Young Madison Grace persevered, and no amount of snow, sleet, hail, or fleas deterred her. She kept her eye on the prize, and she was rewarded by her stamina and belief in all things good. She also resumed a healthy diet.

This week, I lost a dedicated colleague and dear friend. Cynthia was determined to fight her battle against cancer with tooth and nail, as she herself put it, and to be positive every day—no matter the considerable challenges. I also will remember Cynthia fondly for her love of cats. She gladly wore the moniker of “Cat Lady” and was one of the early followers of this blog. May Cynthia rest in peace, and may her children and beloved Kit (the cat) know that she set an inspiring example for this Cat Lady.

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