Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Salad Days

Even though I’ve been a Cat Lady for more than a decade, I learn something new about cats every day.

Just yesterday, Cat Man's gout returned to haunt him. For some weird reason, my husband had a craving for an egg-salad sandwich and was convinced that the protein found in eggs would cure him of his Big Foot problem. I dutifully indulged his craving and delivered the sandwich to him at bedside. Suddenly, Lucius, Leo, L.B., and Linus appeared, meowing in unison, as if to say, “We, too, want egg-salad sandwiches”!

Cat Man wasn’t about to share, but the cats persisted. The full-court press went into effect, and I’ve never seen my husband eat so fast. “No, it’s mine," said the grown man with a gruff tone, and to think he usually plays well with all felines. “This is my sandwich. Go to your food bowls.”

Query of the Day: What ever happened to Cat Man’s salad days?

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