Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cat Cam

I’ve just discovered the cheapest game in town for entertaining our cats.

I diverted Lucius from sitting on top of a stack of papers, as seen here, and placed him at the center of a flannel blanket on the kitchen countertop. He struck his cat pose, looking very comfortable knowing that he was, quite literally, the center of attention. I gently turned the blanket clockwise, making a complete, 360 circle, which gave Lucius the sense that he could watch me at all times.

Before this tale spins out of control, let me admit that I got the idea for the Cat Cam by watching the “Glam Cam” on the E! channel’s “Live from the Red Carpet” show that preceded the recent Golden Globes award ceremony.

I promise your cat will love the spin zone. Try it today!

Query of the Day: Would the Cat Cam work best on a red carpet?

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