Friday, August 31, 2012

Firing Up the Base!

Are you planning to throw some charcoals on the fire this
Labor Day weekend for one final barbecue of the summer?

Here, in always sizzling Houston, I am laboring behind the scenes, working on my talk for the official launch of Cat Lady Chronicles on September 15. I hear that the Museum of Fine Arts is expecting a lively crowd, and why should I be surprised?

Something tells me that I won’t need to fire up the base just two weeks from tomorrow. Nor will I require a warm-up act or a keynote speaker. Put simply, we Cat Ladies are passionate about our pets, and we like to cheer on our fellow feline enthusiasts. I am eager to share my personal story.

To get a sneak peek of Cat Lady Chronicles, now listed as a “Hot Release” on Amazon, click here and look inside the book:

Query of the Day: Don’t you agree that cat ladies are hot?

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