Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Opposition Research

While the Democrats hold their convention this week and size up the competition, I’m doing some opposition research of my own. Not surprisingly, mine deals with cats—specifically, books about cats.

The good news is that, for all of us cat lovers, there are a lot of new books on the market—at all price points and on multiple platforms. The bittersweet news for me, personally, is that Cat Lady Chronicles must compete with Julia’s Cats and Henri, le Chat Noir. How to go up against two legends?

It’s too late to introduce an alternative cover for my book. Let’s face it: Diane’s Cats would probably go nowhere on the sales charts, although I, too, like to wear a cozy cardigan (à la Julia) and could be persuaded to pose with any one of my ten photogenic cats. As for the angst- and ennui-ridden Henri, well, the always tormented Lucius would win that battle hands-down.

Perhaps the best way to enter the marketplace is simply to hold my head high and to repeat my favorite mantra: I am proud to call myself a Cat Lady. Gourmet cooks and caregivers of high-maintenance felines are encouraged to read my book and, I hope very much, will relate to what I have to say about cats. On the universally popular subject of cats, I feel certain we are bonded for life, and I don’t anticipate finding any protestors on the floor.

Query of the Day: On average, how many books about cats do you buy each year?

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