Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Catoberfest 2012

What more could a Cat Lady have asked for on a cold “Caturday” in late October, when The Cat Doctor veterinary clinic hosted its annual client-appreciation event, “Catoberfest”?

I had a terrific time mingling with Dr. Caroline Oeben’s clients, who represent a wide range of cat lovers in the Houston community. As always, Dr. O. and her team were great ambassadors for felines.

I enjoyed learning about new feline products on the market, and I especially enjoyed playing with the cats available for adoption. Cat Man was manning the fort, ensuring that these cats would get noticed. Three cats were adopted, plus a one-month-old kitten who literally had just been rescued from a major intersection in downtown Houston. Meet Sophie, who knows she is a beauty. Seeing her reminds me of a recurring thought: Are the words “kitten” and “adorable” synonymous in your dictionary?

I also am excited to report that Dr. O.’s clients embraced
Cat Lady Chronicles with open arms. The MFAH Shop was invited to set up a satellite booth at the clinic and succeeded in selling nearly 50 copies. Meow! Twenty percent of the proceeds were donated to the Rescue Fund at The Cat Doctor.

Thanks to Dr. O. for a wonderful Catoberfest, and Happy Halloween to all!

Query of the Day: Will your cats greet trick-or-treaters tonight?

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