Monday, October 29, 2012


I think I have finally found a way to mask those, um, recurring odors that waft mightily from the litter boxes at Catland.

While visiting Target yesterday, I noticed a special promotion for Glade’s new and limited-edition fall collection of room fragrances. I bought the Rosemary Sage deodorizer spray, which I now realize smells a bit too much like a spice-infused turkey roasting in the oven. I am reserving this scent for Thanksgiving Day, just to reinforce the aromas in the kitchen.

The Maple Pumpkin spray is another story; it’s made for a pre-Halloween dousing at home. My cats love me even more because the scent makes them think I am about to dispense treats coated with maple syrup.

Glade describes its maple pumpkin flavor-of-the-month fragrance as “decadent.” I would advise that you use the spray sparingly, because a little goes a very long way. Or, if you want your house to smell like a Michaels craft store, then spray forcefully, and to your heart’s content.

Query of the Day: Can you believe I am writing about something other than a stray cat’s spray? Thankfully!

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