Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Excuses, excuses…,I know. At least I do not appear to be suffering from blogger’s block, although I concede that I have a bad case of deferred development of blog posts.

To be fair (to myself), I have been “processing” a film I saw several weeks ago. How can it be that I waited all of these years to see the cinematic gem that is Bell, Book, and Candle?

This movie, which debuted in 1958, has everything that fascinates me about the past or that, in some way, relates to my present life: New York during the late 1950s, with spectacular shots of some of my favorite landmarks, such as the Flatiron Building; Kim Novak as “Gil” Holroyd, a Wellesley graduate who runs a Primitive art gallery; James Stewart as “Shep” Henderson, a suave publisher; French midcentury-modern nightclub music; hocus-pocus, “make him love me” witchcraft; and last, but far from least, a beguiling Siamese cat named Pyewacket, who is attuned to Gil’s every move and knows the score with Shep.
                 Photo by Ralph Crane

I will watch Bell, Book, and Candle again and again for all of these attractions, and I recommend it especially to Cat Ladies because of the essential role played by Pyewacket. What a gifted cat!

Query of the Day: What are your most-watched films that feature cats?

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