Monday, April 1, 2013

I’m in Love with a Wonderful Guy

You already have been introduced many times to Cat Man, otherwise known as my husband, Michael. Now, let me introduce you to my newest Main Man, Rocky Balboa, who is making lots of headway (and he has the big head to prove it) as the hilarious, tweeting “catvocate” at the Friends for Life no-kill animal shelter, right here in Houston.

Rocky has bedroom eyes and a body that was born to do more than hand jive. He no doubt beat up every other stray cat he met on the streets, but he is reformed. Rocky is a true pussycat, only with less-than-perfect ears. There is something simply irresistible about his face.

I was flattered when, after meeting Rocky this past Friday, he sent out a tweet very promptly:
He's obviously into proper "netiquette," and see what I mean about his face? The photo of Rocky gives new meaning to the "mug shot."

Nothing is sweeter than seeing a rehabilitated feral cat living the good, protected life. If you have ever wondered what cat heaven must look like, drop by Friends for Life and see the amazing number of cats living together in peaceful harmony. And, be sure to ask for Rocky, who is deservedly enjoying far more than the standard 15 minutes of fame.

Query of the Day: Who is your favorite tomcat?

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