Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ghost of Resolutions Past

I shouldn’t be dwelling on the resolutions that came and went in 2013, but, as I prepare my to-do list for 2014, I want to ensure that my goals are achievable. I’m not talking about those lofty career goals that always sound doable, in theory. I want to make time to pursue the simple pleasures that often elude our busy schedules. So I see no reason why I can’t travel to New York next December during the holiday season and watch George Balanchine’s legendary production of The Nutcracker at The New York City Ballet. I was reminded recently that Mr. Balanchine was a passionate cat lover, and that stage designer Rouben Ter-Arutunian playfully acknowledged this love in his scenery for the Nutcracker ballet. He strategically placed an image of a cat sitting by a window, visible to the audience's left. This tip of the hat paid tribute to Mourka, Balanchine's cat, and here they are.

I am spending a quiet New Year’s Eve at home with our cats and, of course, Cat Man, tonight. No "paw de deux" (you knew that one was coming...) or special activities are in store, although we have an excellent view from our second-floor windows of the spectacular fireworks display that lights up downtown Houston close to midnight.

I wonder if the kitties have their own resolutions. Stop waking up Cat Lady at 5:15 a.m. Nah. Stop begging for Fancy Feast’s appetizers at 12 noon when Cat Lady works from home. Nope. Stop scratching at the bedroom door where Pye is still “self-sequestered.” Not in a million years, or at least in the opening weeks of 2014.

I hope that your next twelve months are filled with laughter and with a continued love for all things feline. The new year will bring a new book on cats, and their ladies, that I developed toward the tail end of 2013—details to come!–, and I am honored to have another opportunity to spread the word about why cats rule the world.

Most important, it is time for me to banish the ghost of resolutions past. Forward we march, Cat Ladies! Cheers to you!

The champagne is on ice at Catland!

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