Thursday, January 2, 2014

Say Cheese

Whoever invented Temptations’s new Cheezy Middles treats for cats is either a genius or a diabolical trickster. I’ll go with genius first, because surely the person—Cat Man or Cat Lady—who came up with the idea is now meowing all the way to the bank. Our cats quickly became addicted during the holidays, which is where the diabolical trickster also plays a part.
The Whiskas product description states that the "patented dual-pocket technology" now includes cheese inside each treat. The treats are 100% nutritionally complete and "balanced for all life stages," which, at the rate my cats were consuming the treats this past week, will likely mean their life stages will be defined by obesity. And yet, the Cheezy Middles contain no artificial flavors!
I explained to any cat who would listen to me yesterday that a new year meant resuming a healthy diet. But Leo, Linus, and Alvar will hear nothing of the sort and are begging especially for the tuna-and-cheese-flavored treats. It was a relief to return to the office today and to avoid their staring at the treat bag!

I’m betting that the Temptations product line will soon include Mac & Cheese, Salmon & Cream Cheese, and Flaked Fish Alfredo. If this thought makes you queasy, I understand. If the thought makes you smile, then say cheese.

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